Shutting Subtense (Core Happy)

How deceptive.

Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter doesn't look like I did anything these past few years.

That's what it looks like when my head's down.

We just shut down Subtense, LLC—artificially intelligent patent search & analysis tools—a company I co-founded and served as CEO.

That's what happens when my head's down. I learn odd stuff (in no order) like...

1) Patents

2) Artificial Intelligence (ML & NLP)

3) Entrepreneurship

4) DevOps (GCloud, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes)

5) More Advanced Full Stack Development

6) Diagramming

7) Pitching

8) How to Apply to Accelerators and, More Important, Why

9) How to Sell: Cold to Close

10) Alignment, Alignment, Alignment

11) How to Know your Market like Thoth

12) Self-Awareness

We persevered through 3 extinction level events and 1 thing which counts for another 2/10ths.

The 4th in 1 year is enough.

Hidden weakness in our data, pulled in an emergency shutdown of our partner's service, finally did us in.

I cannot yet express how close we were to making this work or how much joy and value I gained throughout the project.

Working on it, though.

A short month passed since we made the decision, and while I spontaneously, involuntarily spout a PTSD "Fuck!" when passing by sketches and post-its and articles on LegalTech or patents—because we were so bloody close!—I feel happy.

Core happy.

The kind where you love what you do.