While cmake builds OpenCV for me...

The Waiting Place

Throughout my life, because I lived and hacked and played and built at the edge of technology I waited on computers.

And I mean waited.

When sharing files mean baud and stress because not too many folks ever heard the word compile and download let alone render.

I hosted a BBS to share work with clients, and before I learned to say no, folks would ask for last minute changes creating invisible new problems which would cascade and amplify, all due speed.

In the early 90's, on DOS, I animated in 3D Studio (pre-Max!). Scenes on a single computer took consecutive days, and when the final render showed a flaw the test render didn't? And now it's impossible to re-render and transfer across 9600 to the CD replicator in time for COMDEX?

Do I hop in the car to Vegas right now, drive straight through and render on-site?

These activities honed my patience and forged my resiliency in the face of technological challenges and I gratefully look back on that time.

And, holy fuck does cloud computing and multiprocessing and automation completely kick that time's ass.

Seriously, hurry up cmake! 49%?! 57 minutes?! I want my image processing now!



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