March 2017 Stats



I watched 70 videos on Python, and immediately put the info to use for both Operation Notecard and Operation Gigbot (below).


  • basics
  • OpenCV (Computer Vision)
  • PIL/Pillow
  • SQLite
  • web scraping
  • django


  • Reading Eric Reis' The Lean Startup.
  • @jasonlk: I swear he's reading my journal.


~125 Contributions across the 4 projects below.

Launched Operation Notecard

Tech: Python, computer vision, automation, more.

Applying computer vision (for handwriting recognition) and automation to speed personal workflows.

I also hand wrote over 60,000 characters.

More on this project in April.

Launched Operation Gigbot

Tech: Integration, automation, natural language processing, more.

Launched Chrome Extension: BangBuck (open source)

Try building a house with a continuously adjusting measuring stick.

This extension—immature at the moment—normalizes and adjusts all dollars on websites.

m2 (meometer)

More on this in April.


  • NodeJS
  • Angular 4
  • Material Design
  • ngx-charts
  • SQLite (old db source)
  • MongoDB (new, dev db source)
  • Sass
  • more


Got the blog up and running with little effort. Set up SEO and analytics and whatnot.


Published 10 Blog Posts

Read 4 Books, 2 in Progress

No book reports yet. Coming soon, though.


  • New season of Archer.
  • New season of Better Call Saul.
  • The Last Kingdom.

Music Played

  • Gigs: 0
  • Practice: ~8h


Subtense No More

Shut down a company.

  • Traffic: 95 unique pageviews (I'm likely 90% of that.)
  • Biggest page: "Late Bloomer"
  • Biggest day: Mar 29


Via Twitter Analytics

Tweets: ~115
Impressions: 10.8k
Engagement: 1.1%
Likes/day: 2
Followers (total/new): 359/+45

Operation Fitwit

Invited to help a woman-founded startup. I bring tech skills (including machine learning), founder experience, and 100% trust.

Plus I know one thing better than the CEO: she is Neo^10. (And probably only this one thing.)

Operation EarnedCard

Invited to help advise financial startup which will help dismantle payday loans.

I bring advisory tech skills and 100% trust.


  • Lost 20 pounds. Diet-based.
  • Not much in the fitness universe.
  • Max pullups: 3
  • Changed two major habits.