Most Startups Fail (RebootHQ)

Thoughts on Failure I knew most startups fail. And the stat of 10% win/90% go down doesn't apply to something like Subtense. Our chance of »

Pay Your Payroll (h/t to Promise Phelon)

Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence, simplified the optimal position for startups on intellectual property—patents, specifically—during a panel on IP at Boulder Startup Week last »

March 2017 Stats

Education Python I watched 70 videos on Python, and immediately put the info to use for both Operation Notecard and Operation Gigbot (below). Topics: basics OpenCV »

Jim's Story (Bad Patent Advice)

All emotions accepted. When starting Subtense, I collected and stored motivations from anywhere and everywhere knowing I would need to draw on different emotions A happy »

Late Bloomer

At 27 years old I called my parents with news. "Guess what. I'm in a play." "You act?" "And it's a musical." "You sing?!" My folks, »


While cmake builds OpenCV for me... Throughout my life, because I lived and hacked and played and built at the edge of technology I waited on »

Solve Fake News with Advertising

Here is my Salk-like, free solution for fake news. A market-based pricing model, of course, driven by artificial intelligence. Using Sentiment Analysis... Natural language processing (NLP) »