Bias Hunting

Perversions of real articles like, _I ramped from $0 to $29k MRR in 12 minutes!_ and _I Retired as a Toddler!_ camp in my mind's wilderness.

Step one: dispel external noise.

While lovely things, articles on Hacker News and Indie Hackers and whatnot have the habit of leaving artifacts in my mind which shape my thinking.

Tucked into my simple primate mind lives warped, amplified amalgamations of everything I consume intellectually, and like glacial boulders in Iowa or bubbles in candy these deformations affect the surrounding landscape.

Perversions of real articles like, I ramped from $0 to $29k MRR in 12 minutes! and I Retired as a Toddler! camp in my mind’s wilderness.

These external noise artifacts™ — you might call ‘em biases — needed a boot out of my very limited mindspace.

How to evict them?