Study Saturdays

The first 4 hours of Saturdays focus on learning new stuff, aka Study Saturdays.

I feed the beast.

(Nighttime study sessions focus on improving existing skills.)

By the time a Mission breaks out — often the weekend immediately after and a direct reward for a release — concepts and connections which fuel How to Solve the Really Hard Problem have had plenty of time to meld and [chemically combust].

(More on Missions very soon.)

Study Saturdays tackles out there topics, the ones which make me salivate like, historically speaking, neural networks, CI/CD, computer vision, virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, economics, and more.

(Now, to brag a bit, I created VR interfaces twenty years ago — VRML anyone? — and talked cryptocurrencies with friends seven years ago, etc, etc, etc.)

I looooooooove the old technology R&D universe and call my office The Lab.

These days I also add other out there topics like how to create and build and run a business all proper like, how to chat with investors, and other startup stuff.

I never expect to understand anything day one. (Or day ten for that matter as I’m a dense, dense man.)

Study Saturday is more about planting a seed which may take root and bear fruit a decade or more later.

meometer is a direct example of a convergence of studying for, well, feels like forever.