Missions - Part 01

Missions exist because I need to create new things.

Not a want, this is a need of the highest order, and in my makeup this need lives parsecs lower inside Mazlow’s hierarchy than anyone else I know.

I do not kid, and could prove this claim in front of SCOTUS.

This need, while driving and exciting and fulfilling, also causes issues when not properly trained or constrained.

In my case, for example, my Need-to-New requires management and shaping when:

  • I get cranky the new thing isn’t perfect. (Abandoned decades ago. Whew.)
  • I think about rather than act upon. (meometer cured this, too.)
  • It impacts delivery and closure of the finished thing. (For example, I turn attention to a new project/feature rather then do the last 3% of the current project.)

So how do I manage myself and this need?

I release the Kraken in timeboxes.