April 2017 Stats

Personal accomplishments and more for April 2017. Education Neo4j - A Graph Database Someone asked for a code practical featuring Neo4j, and I got hooked on »

Neo4j Spin Cycle

Notes working with Neo4j for the first time. Pre-adventure Video Tutorials To prep, I watched a handful of official vids, each around 45 minutes, while taking »

Maybe and Rituals

Writing If surviving the Roller Coaster Life requires something unshakeable inside us to point the way, would you say you: a) are so busy vomiting from »

The Crucible of Leadership

The leadership of geeks and geezers purified by the pressure and fire of the crucible emerges stronger and unbroken. (via Jerry Colanna) Precog My workspace's name, »

Quitting Time

Down time fuels and multiplies power time. Thoughts on day 3 of RebootHQ's #5dayreboot. Ingrained in me, the title of Subtense's blog was The Scoop, a »

Startups - When to Stop

Relentlessness can become self-damage. How can we startup lunatics strike a balance when we have to reach beyond normal, beyond reasonable, beyond even do-able to prove »