Learning from a Master: Pricing

A legacy bias colored my thinking while I dwelled on pricing for a few weeks.

    Everything must be a monthly subscription!

Lost in the woods, I called Brad who had an instantaneous suggestion which proved optimally aligned with the Customer.

Per exam pricing, not a monthly subscription.

When they make money, the company makes money. When they don't, the company doesn't.


Brad's not actually a Master of Pricing, though his answer really was instantaneous.

He's more a Master of Knowing-Stuff-I-Need-To-Know.

And a Master of Getting-Me-To-See-The-Other-Side.

And a Master of Seeing-Alignment.

Among other things.

He watches all Jeopardy episodes. All.

Anyway, I bounce my ideas and nonsense and writing and plans off Brad, and get he exposes my bone-headedness and fixes my ignorance and whatnot.

Like in this case when with a single sentence I had the right initial business model for the compliance company.

Evolving Everything

This does not mean pricing models cannot change.

As the compliance company's flagship tool evolved, I kept in mind to stay flexible.

Of course, Brad's suggestion, per use, still makes sense for this service as well another.

And the evolution of the solution? After about a year of work it roughly looks like this...