Measuring Value

How to measure the tool's value?

How to measure the tool's value?


1) sets the stage for pricing

2) sprouts sales patter and lays out marketing language (if it matters[^1])

3) defines metrics

4) carves a path to the mature product

With the framework of creating value by making a workflow faster, smarter, and/or easier, we have a baseline.

Using, in this case, M&W's shops as a case study...

...faster means...

  • decreasing speed to serve, as in more revenue opportunity for the shops

...smarter means...

  • increasing compliance scores in multiple ways
  • decreasing opportunities for error

...easier means...

  • removing pain
  • removing duplicating efforts
  • speeding training of new Employees

I want to hit 'em all, and that's a bunch of benefits if I do.

[^1]: It always, always, always matters.