Service, Low Maintenance, and Lunch

The more alignment, the better.

Service, Low Maintenance, and Lunch

Time for business rules, the ones which defined a Geoffrey win.

Requirement for a Win 1) Serve the Customer

...which means no bullshit products or services.

Another way to look at it: the win must a) allow Customers to make more money, b) save them money, c) make it easier for them to do their jobs, d) more/all the above.

This creates alignment for the company and the Customer.

The more alignment, the better.

Requirement for a Win 2) Low Maintenance

...which means 100% automated from monitoring to reporting to billing and well crafted.

This forged a new Engineering Department motto. (More on both Engineering vs Developing and the motto another time.)

This requirement also forced me to level up my code game.

Requirement for a Win 3) Lunch

...which means it needed to make $10 a day profit.

That's a salad or a burrito.

I took to calling 100% automated + $10/day a picosaas™. (No, not really.)

Now I just needed an opportunity.