Bottomless, bottomless ignorance.

A little past the bottom of a bottomless mimosa at a table game in Las Vegas sitting at the bottom of a bottomless pit lives my immeasurable ignorance.

I work to correct this when and where appropriate like in writing code, writing prose, piloting fixed wing aircraft, and playing guitar.

Sometimes, though, this proves a strength like when I invent and create.

If I do not know something is "impossible", occasionally I accomplish it.

Or come damned close as in the case of failing at building previous businesses.

The last big failure a couple of years ago focused on applying artificial intelligence to patent law.

I didn't know it was impossible at the time, and, as a result, prototypes showed otherwise when built. (Timing is far more key to success in startups than generally known.)

My incredible amount of ignorance, though, needs some level of remediation, and because I love, love, love to study I caged time for myself on Saturdays.