Study Saturdays

De-dumbing + inspiration.

The first 4 hours of Saturdays focus on learning new stuff, aka Study Saturdays.

I feed the fire.

(Nighttime study sessions focus on improving existing skills.)

By the time a Mission breaks out — often the weekend immediately after and a direct reward for a release — concepts and connections which fuel How to Solve the Really Hard Problem have had plenty of time to meld and chemically combust.

Study Saturdays often tackles out there topics, the ones which make me salivate. Historically speaking: neural networks, automation, computer vision, virtual reality, and more.

I looooooooove the old technology R&D universe and call my office The Lab.

(For example, I created VRML interfaces with 3DStudio Max circa 1998.)

These days I also add other out there topics like how to create and build and run a business all proper like, how to chat with investors, and other startup stuff.

I never expect to understand anything day one. (Or day 100 for that matter as I'm a dense, dense man.)

Study Saturday is more about planting a seed which may take root and bear fruit for years and years and years.

meometer is a direct example of a convergence of studying for, well, feels like forever.