Measuring Easier - Part 01

User/Creator magic.

Metrics for easier...

(part 01 - The Magic of User + Creator)

Metric 1) My Joy in Life

Yep. Because I work the Front Desk, and this project ultimately serves myself on near every level, my happiness at the end of the day becomes a metric.

Max alignment here.

The more self-serving, the better, when a User plus Creator.

While obvious to me now, this took a long time for me to grok.

Think about it, for goodness sake, younger me!

If my joy of life at the end of the day is greater and I'm a User, likely so are my colleagues and peers — other Users — in other organizations.

This radiates outward, too, as this improvement in fun infects Examiners and Customers and Managers and Owners of Shops and Compliance Auditors.

M said, "You're gonna get 'em to smile over at the [State]."

Wow. Not a bad bloody Audacious Goal (via Techstars/Growing Lean).

True enough, this became the AG back in July 2018 or so when I did the Company DNA worksheet.

And I actually have a plan on how to make the [State] smile...