Measuring Smarter - Part 02

Metrics for smarter...

Metrics for smarter...

1) Compliance Scores

A quote from the State on our first audit after beginning using the tools I created:

We are pleased to state that...testers for this organization are much improved over previous audits due to the efforts, and consistent and ongoing training within the organization. Thank you!

Auditors, people. Auditors using a slammer on a thank you.

Are you kidding me?!

I cannot take full credit for this, of course, as M&W made it a priority for everyone.

I can, however, with perfect clarity say the testing aspects which the tool covers skyrocketed.

Not only do we have the numbers, we have the evidence from outside professionals whose job it is to find flaws.

2) Points of Error per Exam (lower is better)

Before After
125-150 16

3) Best of All

During our internal team review of the audit, M mentioned the tools by name as a big factor and one of our teammates — the gentleman from the rewrite by hand story]( — called the tool:

A job saver.

That feels nice.


Lana that.