Missions - Part 02

Not getting out of hand.

Missions, micro-moonshots at distant, sometimes absurd, targets scratch my r&d/inventor/creator/sci-fi itch, and invariably I learn many somethings in the process.

Timeboxing a Mission prevents me from getting out of hand, because with my Need-to-New, I could.

Expectations look like this. After 4 hours of effort:

  • ...of building from scratch (because I already researched, mind you) I discover an obscure open source Python module which does everything better than I ever could. (I have zero issue learning the hard way then watching a Master at work.)
  • ...the perfect answer shows up on an existing website complete with a mature API, pricing model, and Series B funding. (Sometimes fantastic, sometimes troublesome.)
  • ...the target proves too distant/malinformed/ludicrous/etc. (The motion to table the Mission is hereby granted.)
  • ...I find flow.
And flow, in my case, is both glorious and dangerous.