Missions - Part 03

Beautiful, dangerous flow.

If I string together a series of successes — find flow — I stay at a Mission.

With the computer vision Mission, I wanted to discover if I could remove those remaining 16 points of error and all human data entry.

My limited experience — just a single, sandbox gizmo — led me to expect a goose egg.

Results proved the opposite, and when this happens I need to manage myself.

With my personality, a series of successes becomes differently troublesome: Flow can get dangerous.

Everything becomes rosy, do-able, and I want to stay at it. The hell with laundry or events or friends or eating or sleeping or...

Not all flow is equal.

In nature flow takes multiple forms.

Soft flow in nature trickles snowmelt and soft rains through fields nurturing all it passes with fresh nutrients.

Relentless, steady flow crafts beauty.

Spontaneous, uncontrolled flow generates massive destruction.

meometer keeps me on the rails during these moments like inflated gutter-guards do for 8 year-olds bowling.

As an example, I ran a Mission centered on Twilio's API, and needed to reign myself back in because I had so much fun.