Positive Market Realities

More market realities - the positive.

Positive Market Realities

1) The market does not know it exists.

This means an engaging intro, spectacular execution, and M&W-esque customer service will own this market.

2) This TAM is the Beachhead Market.

Specific to Colorado, when successful the service could jump a dozen or so US State borders, not all. This requires Dev effort to handle per State differences.

(There is very likely no international market or it's cost prohibitive.)

3) One sale increases revenue by 5x.

A peer of the 2 shops owned by M&W has 10 shops, and man, oh, man do I have a sales pitch: Can I run your front desk for a few hours?

4) The market grows annually for multiple, logical, trackable reasons.

No need to speculate about an hypothesis.

5) The market might — overnight — amplify.

The local state agency which shoulders most tests may push all testing to 3rd party providers.

6) Another, smaller product — already designed and with components built — lives right inline.

Maybe another 25% revenue.

This shiny view, though, doesn't address risk or effort.